Baby Brain Fog

Hi all!

Sorry for how spacey the past couple of posts have been.  I’m really trying to get back to writing, but I’m finding that my two boys have given me a serious case of brain-fog!

For example, Sunday night-Monday morning looked like this:

7:30p – bedtime routine and  Bedtime for D

8-8:30pm – Nurse S

8:30pm – Shower, brush teeth (My bedtime routine)

9pm- make breakfast for monday (overnight oats/breakfast cookie a la Fitnessista)

9:30pm – crawl in bed

10pm –  fall asleep

12:30a – first wake-up/feeding/diaper change/feeding

2a – fall back to sleep

3:45a – 2nd wake-up/feeding/diaper change/feeding

5a – fall asleep again

6am – D wakes up for the day-  yelling for mommy

SO… I’m functioning on minimal sleep these days and my brain is only 1/2 working…


In other news, I’m feeling the ‘need’ to workout, so I’m jumping in on The Fitnessista’s summer Shape up!  I did it last summer before getting pregnant and it got me back to (almost) prebaby shape…

Really, I think there’s no going back to true pre-baby shape, but I got really close!:


 last summer after Summer Shape up!

I’m hoping to use it to inspire me to workout (which will hopefully help my energy levels).  I’m NOT planning on  going full-out this year since my body is still in recovery mode.  I just know that I feel better ‘on exercise.’

SO.  hop on over to the Fitnessista if that’s something you’d like to do, and without further ado, to sleep I go in hopes that I can get a workout in tomorrow!




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