Politics and Religion: thoughts from a humble little Christian who doesn’t know it all

Phew. Politics and religion are a hot, hot topic. And the responses are always passionate and fierce. I rarely post ‘political’ things on social media, which I’ll explain a bit later, but man do I see them. Sometimes one moves me enough to repost, but then… the inevitable happens. Rather than reading, internalizing and moving on, someone takes it upon themselves to ‘correct’ me.

It’s an opinion piece.

That’s right. Opinion. there is no Right, there is no Wrong, there are only people with differing opinions. But, as a Christian, I take it to God and He gives me things to think about. He gives me other points of view, He offers explanations for my feelings and yours. He reminds me to look to His Book, His Teachings and the Teachings of his Son, Jesus Christ.

Yes, I just went there. Because, though I don’t necessarily publicize it, I’m a Christian.

But before you leave because I said that, read on, please. I beg you.
I am a bleeding heart, LIBERAL, CHRISTIAN woman. Yes, I used those in the same sentence.

Why liberal? Why do I not side with my Uber-Conservative brothers and sisters in Christ?

Because, I truly believe that Jesus would have been liberal by today’s standards. Actually, I think he would try to avoid that whole nasty kettle of fish that divides people, but His actions in his life? Don’t match what I see many Christians doing and saying today.
And that makes me really sad.

What was one of the things that made Jesus Christ GREAT in His life? Was it that he made lots of money, promoted singling people out, groups out for ridicule and chastisement?

(if you think yes, please go back to the Good Book and re-read the New Testament.)

Jesus talked to everyone. He was an equal opportunity friend, leader, and healer. He Healed Samaritans, talked to prostitutes, cast out demons from people who had been tossed to the side. He encouraged Men to pay attention to women and children as they are the future of the kingdom of God, even though they were considered not full people.

Jesus Reached out. He LOVED. He taught. He, the highest among us, God’s Son, SERVED the lowliest and the highest. And all he asked of us was to do the same.

But here we are, Christians, bashing, hating on people, dismissing people. Treating entire groups of people as though they are somehow less in God’s eyes because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or choices.

None of us are perfect. We are not the one whose opinion matters. God is. We are not to judge, cast stones.
Our job is to love and serve. that’s it. LOVE AND SERVE.

I’ve seen agnostics be better Christians. How’s that for irony?

Rather than being true Christians – Followers of Christ – we are creating a path that does not identify us to Him. “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.” 2 Timothy 4:3-4

So, I will post things about how Planned Parenthood helped someone. If you want to talk about how Planned Parenthood is evil, take it somewhere else. I’m looking at the blessing they were to someone.

I will post things supporting battered women and children. I will keep sharing the stories of the abused when I’m moved to do so, hoping that something will change.

I will continue to support LGTB people. Because God is the one who decides. Not me.

I will continue to pray for the President of the United States – whether I agree with him/her or not. Because He/She is just another human. A human with a big, impossible job dealing with hugely opinionated people.

I will continue to love non-christians. Maybe they’ll come to know Jesus through kindness and love. Maybe they won’t. That’s their journey, not mine and that’s between them and God. But they still deserve my love, affection, and time because they are still part of God’s creation.

I will continue to speak out against ‘Christian’ Publications that spread hate and fear. They are not doing anyone any favors.

So, before you respond on social media; read what was posted. Try to understand WHY it was posted. And, If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t respond. Lets try to kill hatred with Kindness.


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