Postpartum body progression

Hi guys,

thought you might be interested in how things are progressing postpartum this time! I invested in a belly bandit this time in order to support my poor, torn apart abdominal muscles (the way I carry, the work is all on them)

So, Some pictures:

24 hours post partum:

I’ve been feeling pretty good this time around!  I was able to get back to almost everything by the 2nd week and have been taking care of both boys during the day (except the couple afternoon hours when monkey goes to daycare and a couple days when my dad comes and helps out) since the beginning of week 3.  It’s a rough transition, but I feel like I’m figuring it out slowly, but surely.

While I’m still not (technically) supposed to be carrying much weight other than the baby, I’ve definitely been breaking that rule and carrying the big boy too.  I’m starting to feel pretty strong, with the exception of a little ab weakness.  I’m starting to research how to ‘fix’ diastasis recti with exercises (again) since I’ve forgotten since last time. I know twisting motions are a no go and that it’s best to start with stabilization moves like planks, beyond that I’ve forgotten some!

Also, to help with the Diastasis Recti, I’ve been wearing a belly bandit* when it’s not too hot.  It seems to help some and I’ve read from people who swear that it does, so I’m really hoping it will – my mom’s diastasis recti never really healed and I’d like to avoid that if I can!

I’m now 1 month post-partum and I’m now waiting for clearance to go back to working.  I’m getting antsy, but also wondering how in the world I’m going to fit it in!  I’m hoping to start sleeping enough through the night (y’hear that little koala?) to wake up early and at least do a little yoga in the mornings… I suspect it’ll help with my mental/emotional state too!

And, since I brought it up, I haven’t been struggling with post-partum depression (thank goodness, as it is a serious problem) so much as mild baby blues and adjustment ‘strife.’

So, here’s a picture of what one month looks like for me and bubs:

sorry about the fuzzy  photos, eventually I’ll figure out the camera!


*I’m not in any way affiliated with belly bandit, just using their product myself!



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