2 Months

Can you believe it’s been 2 months already?  Me either!  Summer is half over.  I’ve noticed (having had both of my children at the beginning of the summer) that Summers go really fast when you have a baby at the  beginning.  Obviously, I need to try for a winter baby so I can play more over the summer ;).

Because I missed writing this, I’ll post a picture (worth a thousand words, right?) – 1 month postpartum

So, 2 months out, here’s our update.

Shots suck. poor little guy. his leggles hurt! (mommy is modeling the moby-as-a-shirt look)

I got cleared for activities at my 6 week postpartum appointment.  Healing has gone pretty darn smoothly for me this time, yay!  I’m SUPER tired and have been staying up way too late lately.  I think in my mind I’m doing it to have time with Captain Awesome, but I’m really not spending time with him during that time, so I need to cut it out and just go to sleep.  Maybe I can get up early enough to go on a run or do some yoga!

Sweaty, post-workout look!

I’m still about 120 lbs (normal weight is 112, end of pregnancy found me at 129), but I’ve been doing workouts here and there (trying to hang with the Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up and it is at least motivating me to get a couple workouts in a week) and I’m totally noticing a difference.  Particularly in the morning.  First thing in the morning I almost look like I did when I got pregnant this time!  The other day I actually did 30 burpees.  Not bad for 8 weeks post partum!

My little koala is faring pretty well.  He’s a lot different personality-wise from my monkey and it’s already showing!  He’s a lot fussier and clingy- pretty insistent on being on mommy or daddy all the time.  I’ve gotten used to his crying since holding (or wearing) him just isn’t possible 100% of the time.  Among other things, it’s just too HOT here!  we’ve had at least a week each month since April where the temperatures top 100*F.  Nasty nasty and too hot to babywear.  He’s otherwise a fairly standard 2 month old.  He wakes about every 2-3 hours to eat and his routine is very ‘sleep, eat, poop, cry.’

Koala boy is a cooer and grunter and when he goes to eat he will grunt and moan like a little caveman.  It’s pretty hilarious!

Today was his 2 month well baby appointment and his stats look good!

Weight: 12lbs, 1.5 oz

Height:  22.5 inches

A little smaller than Monkey at his 2 month appointment, but that just means we’ll get more wear out of the 3 month clothes, right?


Anyway, I’ll be back soon with our 4th of July adventures (I hope!)  and a (very brave, I’m sucking it up here) set of photos showing the journey from newlywed body to 2 babies later…

also, a candid moment…

Did your kids have totally different personalities right from the get-go?  Which child was more difficult for you as a parent, One, two, (or more)?

Have a lovely Evening?



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