The Mysteriously Disappearing ErrantSoprano

Sorry about my LOOONNNNGGG Hiatus, guys.

It’s been nuts over here.  SERIOUSLY NUTS.  I think the last time I posted was October 2015.  I hadn’t been posting much anyway, but took a break because of a car accident that resulted in a broken collarbone and concussion.  Then I was running a lot instead of writing.  Then I was pregnant again and trying to manage a household with two young kids, plus keeping fit this time – I DID!!! – and still working two (very part time) music jobs.

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But I’m still alive, I’m still here, and now I’m the mommy to not one, not two, but THREE BOYS!

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And we’re homeschooling.  And I’m still working outside the house 4 afternoons and one morning a week.  So it’s nuts, and I am sure I won’t be a consistent poster.  But, right now the older boys are working on schoolwork and the baby is asleep, so I’m grabbing a moment to write.

So, a quick summary of 2016:

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January took us to Coastal Maine for a week, because why not?  I went on a couple cold runs and enjoyed the change in scenery.  We caught up with one of my friends on a day   trip to Boston and drove past my old apartment.

February I ran my first half marathon (in 1:59:30 – which I am SUPER proud of) with my local Moms Run This Town Chapter.  At the end of February I got the happy little double line.

March-May was just normal survive life with morning sickness – though I was lucky.  I think this was the easiest round I’ve had.

June we found out we were having another boy!

July was just work and life.

August we went to Park City for a little family getaway.

September was back to work!

October was my 30th birthday… how?

Annnd, little one arrived, right on his due date November 2016!

8 lbs, 20.25 inches long and absolutely perfect!

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December was totally nuts with a newborn and Christmas, but we had a lovely Christmas. Even managed a family photo!

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And here we are, a month into the new year!  What was your 2016 like?



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