Maternity ‘leave’ and 4 week update!

Hey all,

as you can tell, I’ve taken a sort of ‘maternity leave’ from the blog.  It’s been tricky figuring out how to manage everything with the family – 2 kids is a new dynamic and my house looks like the laundry monster exploded!  The diapers had to be stripped (who knew I had so many) and I haven’t stuffed them, and I’ve been having to do laundry ALL. THE. TIME.  I’m a milk making mommy with a fast let down, so there always seems to be breastmilk leaking out of me or onto something.  Almost everything smells like sour milk.  blech!

side note – family selfie!

I’m starting to find something resembling a groove (I hope) with the boys and the roughest part is my poor, sleep-deprived brain!

S is nowhere NEAR as easy of a baby as D was.   I did not realize how very spoiled we were!  I had an idea, but reality is a little slap in the face.  S is still a pretty sweet baby and easier than many, but he’s very fussy, Hate’s the carseat, only ever wants to be on me.   He makes up for it by being pretty darn cute!

So, our sweet big boy turned 2!  We celebrated by taking him to the Railroad Museum.  I thought he’d like it, but I had no clue how big of a hit it would be!  He was SOLD!  we hear all about ‘choo-choos’ all the time now.  We compounded this by taking him on a train ride (one of those tiny trains) today!  He was so sad to leave!  I think we’ll be looking into a membership at the railroad museum!  :)

A friend of ours remembered his camera when we had forgotten and Captain Awesome spent most of the time taking photos.  Thank goodness, because we would have missed so. much. cuteness!

Well, the cuteness never ends! We I also made cupcakes for his birthday.  Now whenever he sees them he says ‘cakes.’  <3   I love this vocabulary explosion we’re seeing!

Seamus is over 8lbs now, though I don’t know how much he weighs at the moment – it’s been more than a week since I weighed him. I measured his length and he’s falling around 22cm.  Whoo boy! He’s a-agrowing!  He’s definitely almost out of the newborn clothes and it’s gone so fast!  4 weeks and he’s so big compared to how he was when I had him just 4 weeks ago.

I’m totally still glowing about the birth.  It’s much more fun in retrospect, of course! ;)  I still miss being pregnant (yep, I’m one of THOSE girls who LOVES being pregnant), but I don’t feel like I’m mourning it anymore.  and with this cuteness and workouts being allowed again, who would be? 


I hope you all are having wonderful weekends – it’s HOT here!  topping 100*F today and tomorrow.  blech.  I usually don’t mind, but with a newborn baby koala it feels super hot.  He loves to be worn (prefers in arms, but with big brother, something’s gotta give). I’m seriously considering one of these instead of my hot,hot,hot moby wrap.  I LOVE baby wearing, and my Ergo baby is my best friend – when he’s bigger!  I’d love a normal k’tan too, simply for ease of use, but that’s getting excessive! :-P

Anyway, this ramble is over for now, but I’ll be back soon!




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