Looking Ahead

I’m 36 weeks pregnant! Monkey was born at about 38 weeks, so I figure I have 2-5 weeks to go.  I’ve told this baby, and am praying heartily, that I won’t see his little face until May 5th at the ABSOLUTE EARLIEST!  I don’t want to see him until May 14th if I can help it! :)  May 7th is 38 weeks and May 4th is my last for sure engagement of this pregnancy… everything after that is gravy. 

That being said, I definitely don’t feel ready for this one!  I’ve re-washed his clothes that were packed away after big brother outgrew them, washed the carseat cover, pulled out the arm’s reach co-sleeper

His room still needs a new floor and we need to start transferring furniture!  Because our house is itty bitty (888 sq ft) we are hoping/planning on using most of the same furniture and only getting a few new things that will actually be for our big boy!

I still have to finish packing my hospital bag and make sure I have lots of copies of my birth plan and take copies to my doctor this week.  I also need to pre-register at the hospital!

All that being said, as far as the blog goes, it’ll be winging it as usual.  I’m planning on taking 4-6 weeks off of my normal singing/teaching/voice things, but will probably be in and out here after baby arrives.  I’ll be writing a birth plan and posting birth announcement of course!  :)

Here’s to an exciting month to come!


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