A {very late} Easter Post!

If I was really on top of things, this post would have happened a week ago!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures too, so I’ve been on a mission to steal some from hubby… whatever ones I can!

We had a busy Easter, just like all of our Sunday’s!  We were lucky that Monkey decided to sleep in until 7am!  Woo!  Then we got our normal round of ‘Mommy.  Mommy! Daddy.  Daaaddy.  Mommy! Daddy!”

Mommy had made a little basket and hidden a couple eggs around the house for him to find, so we did that right after getting up.

(this is the dress I wore on Easter, but not from Easter Sunday…)

Then I decided it was pancake sunday, so I made a huge batch of Gluten Free pancakes (thank you Pamela’s Pancake & Baking Mix) and we had pancakes and tea. :)

Then came church for me and park date for daddy and son.  Those two LOVE their Sunday morning ritual!

Naptime for the boy and lunch for mommy and daddy before heading to a family Easter thing with Captain Awesome’s family.

Finally, we went and enjoyed a low-key family dinner with my family.  Overall a rather painless and pleasurable Easter Sunday!

How was your Easter?  Do you have any family traditions you follow?


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