Missing my workouts

I knew this was likely to happen (and it’s already happened a couple of times this pregnancy), but I miss my harder workouts – or having the energy to workout at all!  That’s one thing I am SO looking forward to in a couple of months – starting my workouts up again!  I’ve also become aware of the fact that I’m definitely a summer warrior with working out!  Winters have me wanting to cozy up and not really think about working out, but summers… the heat inspires me!  I think it has a lot to do with my Vata constitution. On that note, if you haven’t played around with Dosha (doshi?) it’s intriguing and I feel like it really resonates in my life – I can see it play out daily!

Of Course, the weather here REALLY doesn’t hurt!  It’s been sunny, warm, and  beautiful.  

Reflection in the car window – BEAUTIFUL weather!

So, If I could work out right now (bad idea at this point in my pregnancy!) I would:

Do a Hiit Workout, probably something a little like this one

(using my gymboss timer)

10 seconds x 30 seconds, 24 rounds:

1) Rear Lunge, jump up – Right Leg:  lunge back with Right leg, bring right knee up and launch off of left (standing) leg.

2) Burpee: from standing position, put hands by feet, jump feet back, pushup, jump feet in, jump up.

3) Rear Lunge, jump up – Left Leg: same thing as #1, but the other leg.

4) Captain’s Chairs:  From a balanced sitting position, straighten legs, lean back and pull knees back into chest.

5) alternating leg, 3-legged pushups:  pushup with one leg off the ground, at the top of the plank, switch legs.

6) prisoner squats:  Hands behind head, toes turned slightly out, squat down low, stand up.

7) dive bombers:  From a pike position (downward facing dog), lower through arms, slide back up into upward facing dog then reverse the movement.

8) ‘climbing rope’:  Lay on back, legs in the air.  mimic climbing rope, alternating arms and reaching towards your toes.


I’d wake up early and do yoga tomorrow – which I could do anyway!

and Monday, I’d break out the Zumba dvds and dance my heart out!

As it is, I chased Declan around the park this morning and am doing my ‘sit on the couch’ workout right now!  ;-)

Monkey did his couch climbers this morning, love that boy!  


What are your fitness plans for the weekend?  let me live vicariously!  What’s your favorite workout?  




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