Guess who’s a runner? (and a few random thoughts)

I never, EVER thought I’d be one to hit the pavement for any distance, but guess who has found a passion for running!?

That’s right! MEEEEEEE!

I ‘took it up’ December 27th and since January 1st I have run 104 miles. Including running in my first 10k!

I never thought I’d run farther than 3 miles and that would be to do my bucket list 5k, but it turns out I love it, and these shirts explain why:

I Run To Burn Off The Crazy T Shirt(source)



also because:

Forget Skinny I'm Training To Be Badass - tri blend women's workout tank top. S-2XL. Funny workout shirt. Motivational gym tank. gym tank (source)

I’m LOVING running.  It’s something I can do with or without the boys and I’m so much more sane when I make it out to run.   Probably exercise endorphins plus outside time…

Have I mentioned that It’s been gorgeous here in California?  I’ve been enjoying it (see:running), but we still desperately need precipitation – something that’s in my prayers every day.


Huge shout out to my MRTT gals, they inspire me and motivate me and make the whole running thing so much more fun!

And now I’ve got a new gear obsession… hoo boy!  ;)  good thing my budget doesn’t support it and that I’m pretty budget conscious…


Happy Trails!

What keeps you sane?  Why do you exercise?  (or why not?)  

can’t wait to hear!

~Errant Soprano

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