The Best Kind of Compliment

Hi all,

I got a compliment today that got me thinking about compliments in general.  There are so many kinds and they all affect me differently.  I’m not immune to giving them, of course.  Sometimes its the ones that feel strange:

“Your baby (babies) is (are) so cute!”

Ummm, Thanks?  I really had very little say in that.  Just happen to be an attractive woman who married (mated with) an attractive man.

See?  Beautiful babies, handsome hubby.  <insert shrug> what can ya do?

“You have such a beautiful singing voice.”

Thanks?  Didn’t have much say in that, either.  Just worked hard to improve it and had a lot of help learning how.


“You had a baby 3 months ago?  You’re so SKINNY!”
Umm… ok. thanks?  I didn’t gain much with this pregnancy, what with chasing his older brother around ( Plus I’m naturally slender,  and I’ve only lost half of what I gained – 9lbs out of 18.  7 of that was baby).

Today’s compliment was the kind I can totally get on board with:

“You have such a strong practice!”

THANK YOU!!! I work for that!

Things that come easily to me and naturally to me are great.  I really don’t mind being complimented on them, however, those things that are hard for me, that I really work at/for?  When you compliment that which I have literally worked my butt off at, it feels like so much more than any of the other compliments you could give me about things I have very little or no control over.

So thank you, fellow yoga practitioner… THAT compliment meant the world to me on this Sunday morning!  (and further motivates me in my practice :))

What motivates you? Do some compliments strike you as odd?  Do you prefer one kind over another?


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