Our Birth Plan for Baby S

For those who wondered what our birth plan looked like for this birth, this is the birth plan we brought with us and handed out to our caregivers:


To: Caregivers at Kaiser

From: Kand E – Laboring Mother and Father


We have decided to give birth at Women’s and Children’s center because of the facility and staff. We are pleased to have you help us achieve our birth goals and have a happy, healthy baby and mommy.


We are planning to loosely follow HypnoBirthing protocols and would prefer to use gentler terms throughout the birth. eg: ‘surges’ instead of ‘contractions’, ‘release of membranes’ rather than ‘breaking waters’, “birth breathing’ rather than ‘pushes,’ etc.

In the event of any special circumstances, we will give our full cooperation after an informed discussion with the doctor and private consideration between mother, father, and doula.

First Stage:

I would like a midwife to attend the birth.

Present for all stages of birth: Dad E and Birth Coach C

I am planning to labor at home for as long as possible and request the option to be sent home if I arrive at the hospital less than 5 cm dilated.

I am planning to NOT be on my back for any length of time during labor.

I am planning to have my birthing ball and would like baths/showers for pain relief when desired

If an IV is necessary, I would like a heparin lock so that I may get up and move around.

I would like INTERMITTENT monitoring to ensure my comfort while laboring

Please, no internal monitoring unless an absolute emergency arises

Vaginal exams ONLY on consent, and as few as possible

Please no pitocin or breaking of the waters unless deemed absolutely medically necessary and consented to by the parents at the time.

I am planning NO analgesia or anesthesia

I would like complete freedom to move and walk during labor

I would like a quiet room, no excess staff please.

Second Stage of Labor

I would like a choice of positions for pushing and do not wish to be confined to the bed

I am planning to follow my body’s instinct for when and how much to ‘push’ unless it becomes medically necessary to do otherwise.

No episiotomy

if assistance absolutely is needed, please use suction cups rather than forceps

I would like to have baby immediately on mother’s torso after birth

I am planning Delayed Cord Clamping, and would like father to cut the cord.

I am planning to breastfeed immediately to help birth placenta – no pitocin, uterine massage, or pulling of cord please

I would like to keep the lights low unless I specify otherwise.

If stitches are needed, please use local anesthetic.

Third Stage of Labor


I would like baby to stay with parents at all times. no Nursery visits, please.

please delay all routine exams for an hour to allow bonding time

I would like all exams to be performed in view of the parents

If warming is needed, I would like baby on mother’s chest with blankets (kangaroo care)

Breastfeeding only – no bottles or formula

I would like Father to stay with mother and baby

I am NOT planning on circumcision.

Thank you for supporting our choices. we look forward to a wonderful birth.


In the unlikely event of a C-section I would like father (Ethan) and doula to be present.  please allow baby to stay with mother while she is stitched up and moved to recovery


In the unlikely event that the baby needs to be separated from the mother for medical reasons, I want the father to go with the baby.

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