Tuesday Things

Time for a random post!

1) I have great belly pride!  Look at this bump! 

37 weeks, 2 days and way more stretch marks this time!  40″ around the belly, 130-ish lbs (18-20 lbs gained).

2) along those lines, as I’m writing this I’m 37 weeks, 5 days along.  My big monkey was born (according to the doctors) at 37 weeks, 5 days.  I think he was more like 38 weeks, 3 days (going by ultrasound measurements) – but making it this far is a milestone either way!

3) I gave in and got someone his first pair of sunglasses (he’s always stealing Papa’s and his daddy’s)!  $3 for a lot of happiness and cuteness.


don’t worry, I was parked in the lot and snagged this before we started driving!

4) This Recipe has been rocking our world.  I adjust the recipe a little (way more garlic), but my little man-who-won’t-eat-meat LOVES the beans, so I know he’s getting some protein!

5) Dreaming of paradise right now!  The weather is being a bit erratic (which really is NBD and whatever) and I’m having fond memories of our trip last Summer!  

Nesting and trying not to think on the inevitable over here!  I’m feeling apprehensive about becoming a mommy of two and know the transition is going to be intense.  Not feeling ready for it to happen, but starting to feel a little uncomfortable in my body!  On the other hand, I’ll miss feeling this little dancer in my belly and watching my belly grow and dance.   So conflicted!

What are your Tuesday things? If you have 2 kiddos, how was the transition for you?  any tips?


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