What’s in the Hospital Bag?


I HATE packing. You’d think with baby on the way, the hospital bag would be FUN to pack, even for me. You’d be wrong! Packing stresses me out because I never want to pack much, but can’t stop myself from the ‘what-ifs’ and ‘maybe-I’ll-need-thats’ and end up packing half my house.

If only I could call this completely packed!

That being said, I think I’m doing ok with the hospital bag(s) thanks to my list-making tendencies. I swear, nesting for me is writing million lists that I will promptly forget or disregard when it comes down to it!

So, What AM I packing in my hospital bag(s)?

Stuff for Labor:
Coconut Water
Water bottle
LARA bars
Luna Bars
Clif Shot Bloks

‘Birth’ Ball – aka my exercise ball

Yoga Strap and Baby Sling (for positioning as per suggestion of my doula)

least favorite nursing bra (least attractive one, anyway!

Chapstick (I love the whole foods one, so i’m taking that – in 3 different flavors!)

Vitamin E oil for massage during labor – and some essential oils to smell if I want

Soft Tank top in case I don’t like how the gown feels.

Affirmation ‘Cards’ that I’ve been writing up to remind myself how strong I am!

Stuff for After:
Comfy Nursing Pajamas (I hope, if I  can find some I like)
baby pajamas/nightgown
Clothes for mommy to go home in
3 outfit choices for baby to go home in (who knows what the weather will be!)

Toiletries (including dry shampoo, face wash, lotion, and toothbrush!)

Gift for big brother from the baby (not shown)

I’ll probably also haul another bag along (purse/diaperbag) because it’ll be too much hassle to dig through and move my wallet over!

What did you pack in your hospital bag?  Do you hate packing as much as I do?


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