Rocking Cute Pregnancy Looks

This time, far more than last time, I’m getting into wearing cute maternity clothes. I guess it’s overdue and I’m loving feeling somewhat fashionable! The downside is that part of me mourns losing my groove when baby comes – and I KNOW I will! What little groove I have goes kaput for a while after having a baby!

So here I thought I’d share some selfies of some recent, favorite Pregnancy looks!  My favorite kind of pregnancy clothes are ones that are cute and functional and COMFY all at once!

One word – Maxi skirt!  I feel so cute in this and it’s super comfy.  Bonus is that I can move and deal with Dec without flashing anyone!  Low squats are totally possible in this baby! ALSO  I’m rocking food stains on my belly (which you can’t see in this picture)! Skirt: Old Navy, Top: Target Maternity (bought second hand, so who knows how many years ago).


Double double on the maxi skirt.  This was one of the first times I wore this skirt and I felt super cute. :)  Skirt: Old Navy, Top: old hand me down, so who knows, Cardigan: Macy’s Lounge Department.

It’s all about dresses this time around.  That and yoga pants.  But mostly dresses and skirts.  They are so much more comfortable and I feel Cute, like I put in an effort. Dress: Gap Maternity (I bought second hand, so i’m not sure what year!)

I don’t even remember what this dress is, but I feel cute and purdy all at once!    Please don’t mind the brown shoes – they are my only ‘dressy’ flats right now.  I wish I had seen them in black AND brown (and gotten both)!

The Next couple are more every single day type outfits!

 Yoga pants and a Long-sleeved T-Shirt!

Self-dyed many-year-old Old Navy maxi skirt and tank top!


I don’t remember the tag on this (and not exorcist enough to look whilst wearing it!), so I don’t know the brand, but this one is SUPER duper comfy.  Soft, soft cotton and I still feel kind of put together :).

I have a couple more cute dresses/outfits that will be coming out in the next couple of weeks (Palm Sunday, Easter, Date Night!!!) So I’ll probably throw up a couple OOTD posts, just for kicks!


Happy Monday, All!


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