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To christen this new space I’m going to introduce myself with my latest blogspot post… a sort of Catch-all of hot topics and why I won’t talk about them (much)…


I find that while I have strong opinions about many subjects, I tend to be reticent about them, both in person and in this space. I hate alienating people and I hate the fallback.  I much prefer to embrace everyone and their lives and life decisions as theirs – after all, they are the ones who must live with their choices, so why should I force my opinion on them?  Perhaps this is also because that is how I prefer to be treated – my decisions respected no matter the other person’s opinion one way or the other.  So, while I try to write about many things, I often don’t go into deep subjects, preferring to avoid any blow-back or negativity in this space.


However, I DO have strong opinions on many subjects, and, beyond that, I’m a researcher by nature.  I want to know something?  I start digging.  I read books, I use my friend Mr. Google, I do academic searches, watch videos on the subject.  Go to respected research and read it myself.  So, you can guess that, while some of my decisions are ‘gut’ decisions, most of them have been well thought-out, heavily researched, and my decision has been made, one way or the other, by what I’ve found and careful thought on the subject.  If it affects my family, hubster and I discuss it and share opinions and go from there.


Why do I mention this?


Simply because someday, I might be brave enough to not only voice those thoughts, but actually dedicate post space to them.


Because, maybe I’d like to voice some of those opinions in a slap-dash way right now, so that when it pops up in a post later, maybe, just maybe, that fallback will be smaller.


So, in a nutshell, some of my beliefs (and remember, I’m a researcher, so I’ve already done my research on all sides of the arguments):



  • LOVE.  love people. All people.  Regardless of Race, Gender, Sexuality, etc, etc.
  • RESPECT.  treat all people with respect.  Think before you speak.  Treat others as you would like to be treated.  If you can handle what you dish out, don’t dish it out in the first place.
  • LIVE AND LET LIVE.  For all things this applies.  See above.
  • GOD/JESUS.  Yes.  I’m a Christian.  I believe Jesus Christ is our savior and all that wonderful lovely stuff.  But I’m not evangelical.  I am a ‘live-and-let-live’ sort.
  • CHILDREN.  for me, yes. For other people – that’s their decision.  How many? Their choice.
  • ABORTION. Hot hot hot subject.  I’m not pro-abortion.  But I’m not anti-abortion either.  It’s completely circumstantial and by situation.  Too many grey areas for it to be one way or the other.
  • CIRCUMCISION.  No.  100x no.  I could never let anyone needlessly (even harmfully) remove a part of my child .  However, it’s not my decision for other people’s children and I won’t force my opinion on them.  (You can check this book out about it, though)
  • BREASTFEEDING. Yes. 100x yes.  For as long or as short is appropriate for your family.  There are so many benefits for Mommy and Baby that it’s silly to discredit it.
  • BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC. Yes.  Duh.  Baby’s gotta eat when baby’s gotta eat.  It’s legal to breastfeed anywhere the mother is legally allowed to be.  NO cover necessary.  However, if you are more comfortable with a cover or pumping and giving bottles, that’s fine too!
  • VACCINATION. Yes.  The diseases that are vaccinated against are nasty nasty thing.  It’s obviously completely up to the parents, but I feel safer having my little ones protected from the nastiness that are covered by those vaccinations and I’d rather have a child with autism than a child struggling or dying from whooping cough.
  • GAY MARRIAGE. Some of the most wonderful people I know are gay and are in long-lasting, amazing relationships.  Why would I want to deny them marriage and the corresponding rights?  Why should it be up to me or the state or ANYONE but them? Remember my Live and let Live philosophy?
  • POLITICS.  I fall strictly…. nowhere.  I’m Liberal on many subjects, but I’m Conservative on others.  I don’t align with any party and choose to vote on the issues rather than party lines.  I voted for Obama in ’08.  I don’t think he’s all that bad.  I don’t think he’s amazing.  He’s human.  And that is the best thing to be.  Why do we expect people to be superhuman and perfect when they are elected?  They are still human!

Anyway.  Those are the main hotbed subjects that come to mind.  So now nobody is surprised when things pop up. :)



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