First 10k

So, the plan was to do the 5k, but little miss overachiever over here decided to go for broke and a month after I started running, I ran my first 10k! The race was the Frozen Booty Virtual through Mom’s Run This Town, the mom’s running group I’m a part of (I participate in two chapters since I live in the city of the one, but the other has runs that more often work for me).

***all photos by Octavio Valencia Photography***

Our chapter held the Frozen Booty on January 31st and since most of my training runs had been 4+ miles with a double stroller, I decided to try the 10k, just to see if I could do it. A group of ladies ran super early to mark the trail:

The day dawned beautifully, though to my California bones, it felt cold! Despite feeling like I had a frozen booty (see what I did there!?), I bravely ditched my jacket at the party spot and walked to the finish line down by the bridge that crosses the river.  The photographer got some great photos of the back of my running shirt – a throwback from Captain Awesome’s 2013 Tough Mudder Team (I am not a tough mudder , just wore it to support them!):

I started out pacing with people who said they were slow runners and found after a while that I could push the pace a bit – probably thanks to running with the stroller!  So on I ran and once I passed mile 2 it started to feel easy until about 5.5 miles where the Photographer caught me again:

 shoulder tension, anyone?

 ah, that’s better

At about 6 miles I had a hill to run up before the bridge that would bring me back to the finish line – it was an out and back. I walked that hill thinking I could then sprint the finish line… Not to be.  I managed to get started running again, but my legs felt like jello, so I called it good to just run across the finish line!

 And finish it I did!  I completed my first 10k race in 1:05:29, averaging out to a 10.7 minute mile (and that included a potty break!!!).  Not bad for a first race!  I was super happy with my time and that I did it at all!  I am so proud that I gave it enough of a try to find out that I love running!

What have you done that you never thought you would?  Any other new runners out there?  Advice from experienced runners?

~ ES

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