Rare Moments

I’m having this rare moment when both boys are sleeping -at the same time- and NEITHER of them is on me! This is unheard of! I’m twiddling my thumbs trying to decide what to do; do I also take a nap? waste time on facebook? a little yoga? Do some reading? when it hit me that I haven’t been in this space for a while. I’ve been neglecting you.

So, HI!

I’m going to spend this (probably fleeting) rare moment with you!

our latest and greatest:

Potty training – yeah.  Its going better than expected, but I really can’t wait until Ducky goes on his own.  I’ve gotten peed on a lot lately…

a nice roadtrip to the San Juan Islands for a (large) family vacation/(small) family reunion. I’ll try and write an ACTUAL post about this before too long.

A short trip to Tahoe for Captain Awesome to compete in the Tough Mudder again – 3rd time running!  It was my first time not spectating and instead my parents and I dragged the boys around Donner Lake and Truckee.

A return to yoga.  In case you guys don’t yet follow me on instagram (@wigglewoggle )  I have been attempting a yoga challenge by Kino MacGregor called #shesgotlegs .  The main goal of this was to get back to practicing regularly.  It’s been (kind of) working!  at the very least, I’m shoving a bunch of crazy poses into days to try and catch up and I’m trying poses I probably would never even look at sideways despite having practiced yoga in some shape or form for the majority of my life.  This prompted me to go join a local yoga studio.  Vinyasa sweaty puddle am I every weekday morning at 7am… :-O!

WATER – I’m HORRIBLE about remembering to drink enough water these days. When I was singing all the time, I’d go through buckets of water without even thinking about it, but as a nursing mother of two, I keep slacking.  SO I downloaded an app to track my water intake and it warns me when I’m slipping behind for the day.  I can customize it (and have) to meet my needs.  It’s working well for me, and helping me to keep my H2O intake up while nursing and sweating puddles at yoga.

Meanwhile, my house looks like it exploded (too much laundry, cleaning catch-up to do) and my poor little blog is getting neglected.  Soon, I will figure out this mom of two thing and how to get it all done sometimes. Until then… I’ll keep checking in and maybe I’ll even get good at this… HAHAHAHA

What keeps you busy on a daily basis?  Anything new and exciting in your lives? entertain me!



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